47 of the Best Antique Blogs Online Today


photo by Deidre Woollard via Flickr


Finding the past in the 21st century – antiques blogs are the way to go.

Blogs are the perfect medium for buyers, sellers, and enthusiasts to share their love of antiques.  We’ve collected a list of the best places on-line to learn about finding, identifying, buying, and maintaining that perfect piece of history.  You will find kindred spirits, tips and tricks, as well as plenty of resources below.

To be one of the 47 best antiques blogs you didn’t need an awesome web design, although some of the sites below are very well-designed.  You didn’t need to sell antiques, although many of the following sites do.

You didn’t even have to be all about antiques.  Many of these blogs are technically about vintage collectibles, less than 100 years old.  They’ve been included because they share the same spirit as their antiques brethren.

What these blogs needed to have to make our list was an interest in the past, a desire to collect, and an aspiration to share one’s knowledge.  Basically, an unyielding passion for antiques.  It’s this passion that landed the following blogs on our list of the “47 Best.”


Adirondack Girl @ Heart



The “Adirondack Girl @ Heart” is Diana (she grew up on the edge of the mountain range).  Her blog is about all things antique and vintage.  She has posts about antique cutting boards, great finds, and DIY projects using vintage items.  Make sure you visit her site on Thursdays so you can join in on the fun known as “Vintage Charm.”


Ageless Heirlooms



We mentioned earlier that “passion” was the main criteria for a blog to make our list.  Well, no one is more passionate about her subgenre of antiques than Lauren Rose.  Her site is called Ageless Heirlooms and it definitely conveys her passion for antique jewelry.  When you visit her site, check out her entry about antique turquoise.  The images are stunning.


Alfie’s Antique Market



Alfie’s Antique Market is one of London’s largest and most popular antique shops.  They’ve been selling antiques for more than 35 years.  Their astounding blog is packed with information and images.  They also have a bunch of great links that are perfect for those who can’t get enough antiques.



Antique and Estate Cufflinks



This blog demonstrates why antiques are so much fun.  Antique and Estate Cufflinks is dedicated to cuff links!  How cool is that?  This site is all about those fancy things that keep cuffs together when a button apparently won’t do.  Even if this isn’t your thing, you should visit this blog just so you can see what a pair of $2,275 cuff links looks like.



Antique Furniture



Antique Furniture is a simple blog that gives visitors a wide array of useful and general information about—yes, you guessed it—antique furniture.  They have articles about how to rid your antique furniture of termites, how to value an antique chair, and tips on buying a jewelry armoire.


Antique Prints Blog



Make sure you warm up your coffee before visiting this site.  With so many outstanding images, it’s hard to get up and leave the Antique Prints Blog.  We loved the print of the French strong woman.  This blog’s focus is on original prints from the 17th to the early 20th century.  Its primary focus is of historical prints from the 18th and 19th centuries.


Antique Therapy



The blog’s owner, Kerri, finds antiquing therapeutic, thus explaining the name of her gorgeous site.  Her blog is about antiques, vintage items, interior design, and her life.  Go there and click around for a bit.  You’ll find it very cathartic.


Antique Trader



Whether you’re an expert or novice, you should have Antique Trader’s blog bookmarked.  They provide news, links to reference materials, advice, and coverage of shows and auctions.  This blog is a great place to come to get a pulse on the antique world.


Antique Young Guns



Antique Young Guns is not about old vases and rustic picture frames.  It’s about the people selling the old vases and rustic picture frames.  Specifically, this blog is dedicated to young people (39 and under) that are active in the antique world.  It’s a slick site that won’t tell you how much your great-grandmother’s ottoman is worth, but it will tell you who can tell you how much its worth.


Antiques Diva & Co.



There are many reasons Antiques Diva & Co. stands out, but the top reason has to be its images.  They are big, sharp, and capture in great detail, everything from antique chairs to antique chandeliers.  Antiques Diva & Co. is the name of Europe’s largest antiques touring company.  The “diva” in the title refers to the venerated Toma Clark Haines.  If you’re going to talk about a passion for antiques, you have to mention her name.


Antiques in Old Town



The store, Antiques in Old Town, is located in the Historic Old Town district of Lilburn, Georgia.  Their blog is a cornucopia of fantastic images.  There are so many incomparable images that you’ll want to travel to Lilburn just to visit their store.  Those into antique and vintage clothes should definitely peruse this hospitable URL.


Appraisal Group USA



The mastermind behind Appraisal Group USA is appraiser and historian David J. Goldberg.  His blog is all about hardcore antiques. “What is Early American Style?” “What Are Gilded Age Antiques?” “American Arts & Crafts Movement Celebrates the Middle Class.” Those are just some of the blog titles you’ll find.  Also available for your consumption are articles about appraising and how to spot a forgery.


Bella Rosa Antiques



Bella Rosa Antiques is an online antique shop owned and operated by Jillian, a mom and former television writer and producer.  This well-crafted site details her shopping exploits as well as the items she has for sale.  Stately images and profound writing make this a substantial site for those into quasi-antiques and vintage collectibles.


Chronically Vintage



Jessica has always loved all things antiques and vintage.  So, it was only natural that her site, Chronically Vintage, focuses on her vintage wardrobe.  She’ll frequently post adorable images of herself modeling one of her delectable outfits—she’s super cute.  When she’s not doing that, she’s educating us about vintage fashions.  This is a superior blog and you’ll enjoy it even if you’re not into vintage clothing.


Collecting Antique and Vintage Globes



As the name—Collecting Antique and Vintage Globes—suggests, this down-to-Earth blog is all about globes.  You know, a sphere covered with a map of Earth that’s usually mounted on some sort of pedestal.  This is awesome: in the first article we read Kyle reveals his love for “globe ephemera.”  That’s the stuff that comes with globes or globe advertisements.  Now, that’s passion!


Connecticut Country Antiques



Pantry boxes, ink wells, and Taghkanic baskets are just some of the antique items written about in the Connecticut Country Antiques blog.  The convivial Carole Conn started her site so she could write about her passion, American country antiques.  When you visit this blog make sure you read her post, “Anonymous Was A Woman.”  It’s brilliant.


Eclectically Vintage



Borrowing verbiage directly from the site, Eclectically Vintage offers “a fresh spin on vintage style.”  Kelly’s blog focuses on decorating with antiques and vintage items as well as how to create your own unique style.  Come here for a stellar design idea or two… or twenty.  Her images are exceptional while her accompanying text is fun and effective.


Estate Sales Help



This modest blog, Estate Sales Help, concentrates on estate sales.  As any antique and vintage collector will tell you, estate sales are one of the best places to find treasures and bargains.  This blog is mainly for those who host estate sales, but knowing what they go through is valuable information for collectors.


Garden Antqs Vintage



You can find Garden Antqs Vintage every third weekend at the Fredericksburg Trade Days.  You can also find them at various antique shows.  In between, you can search their site and visit their blog.  Now, most of their blog entries are about their aforementioned appearances, but the images, as well as the descriptions of those images, are a delight for antique and vintage aficionados.


Genuine Antique Lighting



We don’t know much about antique lighting, but if anyone says they have a 200-year old electric lamp for sale you might want to think twice before making the purchase.  Of course, you’ll get much better advice from this straightforward blog known as Genuine Antique Lighting.  You’ll also bear witness to images of amazing antique fixtures.  You can say that this blog is quite illuminating.


Gray and Davis



Gray and Davis is an antique and custom jewelry shop situated in the middle of New York City’s diamond district.  If there’s anyone that knows anything about antique jewelry, it’s Gray and Davis.  Their blog is unpretentious and stuffed to the sidebars with huge images of rings, necklaces, and broaches.  If antique jewelry is your passion, you must visit this blog.


Grays Blog



Grays Antiques is a huge antique retailer in London.  Their complex brings together 200 dealers in two buildings, on two different floors.  They have artifacts dating from 40 B.C. as well as 20th century collectables.  Needless to say, they also have antiques from every era in between.  Their informative blog covers a mixture of different topics although it skews a bit towards antique jewelry.


I Antique Online



Congratulations to C. Dianne Zweig as this is her second blog to make our list.  Zweig is the editor-in-chief of I Antique Online, a community for everyone with a passion for antiques. To get the most out of her site, and its unique blog, you’ll need to become a member (it’s free to join).


Kersten’s Antiques



Kersten Nagle has put together a great blog.  We love the sage advice: “The more common the item, the more widely collectable… it’s typically safer to collect baseball cards than it is to collect antique bobsleds.”  Nagle’s exquisitely written blog showcases a wealth of information on provenance, appraisals, and the history of chandeliers.  It’s clever and well-conceived.


Little Vintage Trailer



Little Vintage Trailer is a massive website dedicated to vintage trailers, glamping, and related topics.  What is glamping?  It’s glamorous camping.  Yes, that’s a thing.  Pulling this blog down the information super highway is Kelle Arvay.  She caught the vintage trailer bug in 2009.  LVT is a sharp looking site with keen articles and fabulous images.  Good news for DIYers, there’s lots of information on how to renovate trailers.


Lover’s Lane Antique Market



Want to see 19th century brass heart trivets or a pair of late 18th century French fauteuils?  If you do, log onto Lover’s Lane Antique Market blog.  This blog, with a header that makes it look like you’re reading a newspaper, is peppered with vibrant images of mind-blowing antiques.  You find everything from art to furniture to gewgaws.  Their brick-and-mortar shop is found on West Lover’s Lane in Dallas, Texas.


Maps and Art



Maps and Art is owned by David and Natasha Deighton.  The husband and wife team run an art gallery in St Augustine, Florida.  They deal in antique maps and vintage prints.  Their blog contains information pertinent to those two subjects as well as antique shows held in the region.  The Deighton’s know what they’re blogging about.  Together they have more than 40 years of experience.  When driving, does Natasha allow David to use a map or does she make him ask for directions?


Miller’s Antiques & Collectibles



The esteemed Judith Miller has written a number of key books and reliable price guides about antiques.  Her blog is about her life, her travels, and her passion for antiques.  She doesn’t have the same number of articles as some of her contemporaries, but Miller is a prolific writer and her blog is likely to grow very fast.  Nonetheless, when an author of Miller’s merit gives away prose, you don’t ask questions, you just read.


Monticello Antique Marketplace



Portland, Oregon’s Monticello Antique Marketplace brings together more than 100 dealers.  They specialize in jewelry, silver, linens, books, and furniture.  Their blog tends to highlight what’s new to their marketplace.  Their pics are perfect for neophytes or those wishing to pick up a new design idea or two.


Nazmiyal Antique Rugs



The Nazmiyal Antique Rugs blog has an article about famous rug collectors.  In the title, they reference Sigmund Freud, actor Christopher Meloni, and the original Bond Girl, Ursula Andress.  Guess whose picture they used?  Owner Jason Nazmiyal has assembled a bright, cheery, and urbane blog.  While it’s mainly about antique rugs, it’s also about architecture, art, culture, interior design, fashion, and nightlife.


Old Glory



Old Glory is an antique shop in Denver, Colorado.  They were recently featured in an issue of Flea Market Décor—you probably saw it already.  You can learn all about the shop and their appearance in the aforementioned periodical by visiting their blog.  This stylish site is dedicated to antiques and home decor.  After checking out an entry or two, you’ll be ready to redecorate your own domicile.


Philip Chasen Antiques



Yes, it’s that Philip Chasen.  His blog is half about antiques and half about his travels.  Chasen documents his various trips to the world’s most exotic antique shows.  It’s very impressive.  There are pristine images of beautiful antiques including a gorgeous Daum scenic vase as well as a lavish Lalique Moineaux clock.  Chasen has spent more than 35 years traveling the world and buying and selling antiques.


Pieces of Time



Did you know that Omega has been the official time keeper at 28 Olympics, including the most recent games in Rio?  That’s pretty cool and an example of the type of information you can learn from the blog, Pieces of Time.  It’s all about antique watches.  Our favorite articles are the ones about famous watches selling at auction.  One of Einstein’s watches sold for £266,500.


Pinebrook Maps



If we were to start collecting antique maps, and we have thought about it, we’d start with maps from the U.S. Civil War.  That means we’d probably be doing a lot of business with Pinebrook Maps, one of the internet’s top antique map dealers.  Until we take the plunge, we’ll just read their enlightening blog.  It’s edifying and a must see for antique map collectors and history buffs.


Resurrect Antiques



Barn doors.  We’ve got to get ourselves some barn doors.  According to Resurrect Antiques, barn doors are all the rage.  We trust what owner Michelle writes in her splendiferous web log.  While not a pirate or seafaring marauder, Michele says she has a “passion for ‘plundering.’”  This passion reveals itself in every well-composed post and in every sparkling jpeg.  Speaking of images, we love the kitty bunk beds.


Roxy Theatre Antiques & Gifts



Found in Kennewick, Washington, this antique shop is inside an old movie theatre.  Do they sell popcorn and jujubes too?  Ann Steiger has done a terrific job designing her blog for Roxy Theatre Antiques & Gifts.  It’s inviting and very easy to read.  Our hope is she continues to share her wisdom and wit.  The antique world needs more people like Ann.

Stars Antiques Malls



Have you ever purchased an antique or collectible that just by looking at it made you feel like you were at home?  Well, the blog for Stars Antique Malls is kind of like that.  It’s warm, jovial, and comfy.  Large images showcase items for sale.  Even if they don’t have what you’re looking for, you’ll enjoy browsing their huge inventory.  This site supports two antique malls and a shop, all three of which are located on the same avenue in Portland, Oregon.


Thakeham Furniture



Do you know what marquetry is?  You would if you visited the blog for Thakeham Furniture.  You can find their showroom in Petworth, West Sussex, UK.  If that’s out of your way just visit their blog.  There, you’ll learn the difference between fine and country furniture, discover the upside to kingwood, and see a sarcophagus wine cooler.  Before we move on, marquetry is the method of decorating furniture with a panel of veneers.


The Antique Phonograph



What’s a phonograph?  It’s like a compact disc only bigger and made out of vinyl.  If you don’t know what a compact disc is then what are you doing reading a list of the 47 best antique blogs?  This blog is attached to the website belonging to the Antique Phonograph Society.  If you’re into antique phonographs, we’re talking stuff long before the advent of rock and roll, then this is the blog for you.


The Frame Blog



Perhaps you’ll agree with us that the frame makes the picture.  Okay, maybe that’s a bit of hyperbole, but the frame is certainly important.  It’s especially important at The Frame Blog.  Lynn Roberts has put together an amazing blog that’s all about what goes around the painting.  When you go to this site, make sure you check out the entry “How artists have used the frame in the past, & how they can use it now.”  It’s intense stuff.


The Funky Junk Sisters



The Funky Junk Sisters promote a flea market called The Great Junk Hunt.  It’s one of the top flea markets in the United States.  If you can attend one of their junk hunts you definitely should.  Their blog’s main concern is promoting their show and its vendors.  Every once in a while, they will throw in an entry about a fun Halloween drink, how rust is beautiful, or the appeal of white antique furniture.


Uncommon Objects



A line from Uncommon Objects’ mission statement reads, “We are crazy about genuine patina.”  Who isn’t, really?  Located in Austin, Texas, Uncommon Objects is an antique store comprised of 24 different sellers.  Their snazzy blog contains entries about the history of typography, the meaning of the star, and a nifty dissertation on cloisonné.





You’ll have to excuse Vignettes’ celebratory behavior.  In 2016, they not only learned that they are one of the 47 best antique blogs, but they turned 21, and were voted San Diego’s number one antique store.  If that’s not enough reason to pour some champagne, then what is?  Their blog explores antiques found in their store and vintage design.  Also, Vignettes has one of the largest selections of vintage and antique lighting in San Diego.


Vintage Ambiance



What happens when your passion for antiques prohibits you from parting ways with any of your treasures?  Well, you could do what Vintage Ambiance’s owner, Becky, does.  She rents her antiques to weddings, corporate events, and private parties.  If you want to add some elegance to your gathering look no further than Vintage Ambiance.  Go to their blog for inspiration on how they can decorate whatever space is hosting your next soiree.


Vintage Goodness



This site could have made our list on the basis of one post and one post alone, “Vintage Decoupaged Wood Wall Art.”  Actually, it’s an adroit, legible, and glossy blog about vintage collectibles.  Mitzi does a marvelous job with this site.  She may have the best photographs of any site on our list.  None of this should come as a surprise.  Mitzi used to be a newspaper ad designer in a previous life.


Vintage Rescue Squad



“…no one groks your wares.”  Thanks to the Vintage Rescue Squad, we’ve learned a new word, “grok.”  That’s not the only thing this ebullient blog taught us.  Sue, who sells her vintage finds at the Leesburg Antique Emporium, blogs a lot about the antique business and her amazing discoveries.  Oh yeah, “grok” means to understand (something) intuitively.


Wearing History



Wearing History is the property of self-described “vintage fashion nerd,” Lauren.  Her subjects range from attending an exhibit on men’s antique fashion to how to survive a costume event while pregnant. If you ever wanted to know how young women wore their hair in 1911, then Wearing History is for you.  This is the last blog on our list only because of the alphabet.  Wearing History would have made the cut if our list had been half, or a fifth, as long.


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