Surviving the Dark Days of Winter – the Scandinavian Way

Winter is still here, and today it is dark and cold with periodic ice-rain.

Light a fire, take a break with a wholesome tea or whatever drink you cherish.  In my case, the preference while relaxing on a day like this is a glass of pinot noir from Oregon.Hygge in winter

Last Sunday’s New York Times (“Tired of Winter? Here’s How to Make Your Home a Haven”) gave readers a reminder of Scandinavian living at this time of year, talking about their tendency to take a break in a cozy setting and just relax.

While the example given in the Times is from Denmark, attitudes and behaviors are quite similar in Sweden, Norway, Finland and, I believe, in Iceland — in other words, throughout all of Scandinavia.

Whether it’s hygge in Danish, koselig in Norwegian, or mysig in Swedish, my cat Mercy is all for it!