Still searching ….

As I’ve said before, finding truly special Swedish antiques for Cupboards & Roses has always been challenging — and that’s even more so lately.  That’s why I am happy to have just found two very special antique Swedish tall case clocks for our March shipment.

Swedish clocks are always on my wish list.  I do see quite a few Mora clocks, but other regions also made clocks, each with its own special look.  I have always been quite fond of their graceful, feminine form — yes, I actually do see them as womanly and whimsical.  Not surprisingly, many  of these clocks are said to resemble a Swedish bride in her wedding dress with the floral crown that girls wore on their wedding day 200 years ago.

Swedish Fryksdale clock

Fryksdalen Clock

Clock by Johan Nyberg

Signed Johan Nyberg clock

The first clock I found (on the left) is a Johan Nyberg clock from 1790.  As far as we know, Johan Nyberg was a master clock maker active in Stockholm from 1787 to 1801.  This classic has a signed dial and a calendar and its original dark blue/green paint with golden accents. It has a beautiful  crown with shell carving — a truly regal presence.

The second clock (on the right) is a Frykdals clock, circa 1820, from Fryksdalen in Värmland.  Värmland is located northwest of Stockholm, bordering on Norway.  You can see that this clock is particularly curvy .  These exaggerated curves are typical of clocks from the Frysksdal area.  This old girl still features her superb original maroon and green paint and has a delicately carved crown

All the clocks I buy have original works, including the original pendulum and the original weights.  These clocks chime on the hour with a soft, happy sound that I find so very calming and reassuring.  We can all use more of that in our lives!

I’m extremely lucky to have found a local clock restorer here in the Berkshires with whom I’ve worked throughout the years. He is absolutely in love with these simple antique Swedish clock works. He proudly and lovingly toils over them, cleaning and adjusting them until they finally keep perfect time — ready for just the right home.

The timeless beauty of Swedish clocks allows them to be great companions in just about every setting.  I recently saw a Swedish clock in the background behind an American politician who was being interviewed on TV.  Who knows?  I’d like to think the gracious and calming influence of that clock will bring a spirit of balance and harmony to our hectic world.


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