New Shipment on Its Way from Sweden

Edith Gilson Cupboards & Roses Swedish AntiquesEach year, Edith makes a trip to Sweden to search for the best in antique Swedish painted furniture.  This year, she had her brother to keep her company, and they traveled up and down through Southern Sweden, visiting our favorite sources and meeting a few new ones.  Edith makes her base in Copenhagen and stops by a few of her favorite secret sources in Denmark as well.

This year, our container will bring us two beautiful Mora clocks, three period secretaries, several pairs of commodes, and a great collection of carved mangle boards from throughout the North Sea region.  As usual, we’ve found a number of carved Swedish horses to add to our herd.

We’re expecting to have things in the store on Friday, October 21, and the pieces will begin appearing here on our web site by November 1.  If you would like a preview, just click here to join our mailing list.