Good things come in twos!

I have a confession to make.  I am obsessed with finding and buying pairs of Swedish antiques!

This is not an easy task when buying antique furniture.  If I were looking for new things,  it wouldn’t be a problem.  I would just order two of whatever I liked and – poof! – I’d have a pair!

But when something  is over 100 years old, or even much older like many of the pieces at Cupboards & Roses,  it can be very hard to find its mate.  Maybe one of the pair was damaged.  Perhaps a pair was split between two heirs.  In any case, pairs were often separated over time.

I suspect that all of my Swedish sources must by now throw up their hands when they read my email: “Anything in pairs?  I’m looking for pairs of tables, pairs of mirrors, pairs of chests of drawers or chairs or cabinets.”  They know that if they can find them, I will buy their pairs!

The hardest of all to find is a pair of sideboards.  Only twice in all the years that I’ve been in business have I found a pair of sideboards – that’s how rare they are.

In our new shipment –

Pair of Swedish antique side tablesToday I am happy to announce that, for this shipment, I have found a pair of wonderful block-front chests of drawers in black paint, as well as a pair of nice round side tables.

The tables are 20″ in diameter, the perfect size for a lamp and a cup of tea or your favorite glass of wine.

The pair of chests of drawers 37″ wide and 31″ high.  They would look great used on either side of a bed.Pair of Swedish antique block-front commodes