Bonad Fragment with Wedding Feast

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Swedish bonad fragment showing a scene from the story of the wedding at Cana.  The bride is seated in the midst of her guests with Mary and Jesus to her right.  On her left, her new husband and the minister lift a goblet of wine in a toast.  Beyond them, a wedding guest enjoys the hospitality.  On the table before the bride are knives and forks, breads and cakes, and overflowing dishes, as well as two candlesticks with glowing tapers.  The inscription at the bottom gives the date, 1818, and the initials of the original owners.  Tempera on homemade linen cloth, newly framed with archival materials.

  • Height: 21½"
  • Width: 43½"
  • Depth: 1"

Ref. # 80-01

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