Some fifteen years ago, we began to receive requests for Gustavian style dining tables and for those beautifully carved and graceful Swedish beds from the Gustavian and rococo periods.

People wanted a table with great overall stability, a wide top and space to seat twelve to sixteen people comfortably  — think Thanksgiving.  Those searching for beds asked for large king and California king sizes, support for both a mattress and a box spring, and single beds in larger than standard sizes.

None of these exist. There are no antiques that come even close to those demands.

I hate to tell a client no!  I don’t like to say, “Sorry, but I can’t help you.”  I began to wonder, why not make copies of old designs, making each piece to order, exactly to client specifications?

I’m very fortunate to have a talented local cabinetmaker nearby who had worked with me on various restoration projects.  He is even of Swedish and Danish extraction.  We got together and began pouring over our reference books, studying those beautifully detailed beds and dining tables in the castles, homes and museums of Scandinavia.  In order to do some proper hands-on research, we took trips together throughout  Sweden.   We learned about construction, proportion, and the details for carvings and finishes.

and our trademark Made-to-Order Swedish Reproductions came to life.