Reflections on Sweden, solitude and neighborliness.

A limestone cliff in a nature preserve on Gotland’s west coast,

Photo by Domingo Milella.

In a recent issue of T Magazine, I found an article entitled “Solitude and the Sea,” written by an American writer, Christine Smallwood,  about her visit to Sweden.  I read the piece with great nostalgia and thought it might be of interest to others.

Nostalgia because on my first trips to Sweden many years ago, I remember wondering why there were no fences.  Where I came from in Germany there were fences galore, the same in Austria.  Fences to keep you away from gardens, farms and any other private properties.  In contrast, Sweden is open to all with no trespassing laws.  The country is so big and the population so small that everyone is invited to share the land and the sea with much generosity.

Should you like to read more here is the link.

  • – Edith